Phone Camera Lens & Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Phone Camera Lens, 4 in 1 Mobile Kit for iPhone, Android, and Samsung Smartphones

The Akinger 4 in 1 Cell Phone Telephoto Lens Kit is perfect for photography buffs on the go. The small attachments easily clip on to your iPhone or other smartphones to quickly turn your phone camera into a Telephoto, Wide Angle, Fisheye, or Macro photo camera. Whether you are using an iPhone 5S or iPhone 7 Plus, or a Samsung, HTC, or LG, the lens kit safely fits all devices and protects your device from damage by using soft, flexible EVA rubber. The lens kit does not work with phone cases, as the lens needs to sit directly on the phone camera lens to offer optimal image clarity. The Telephoto Lens gets you 12X closer to the action, and brings distant, blurry images into clear view with a clockwise or counterclockwise twist of the focus ring. This lens can also be used as a stand-alone monocular with a distance of 3M to give you a better look at sporting events, concerts, and nature. The Telephoto Lens is the only lens you will use with the plastic thread clip. When you are looking to widen or round out your image, use the metal thread clip and attach either the Fisheye Lens or the Wide Angle Lens. The 198 Degree Fisheye Lens nicely rounds out your images for a great effect, and can also offer a wider angle. Never fear, there is a true 0.64 Wide Angle lens to show the expanse of imagery before you. Initially, you may wonder where your fourth lens is - detach the upper wide-angle lens to reveal the Macro 15X Lens. This lens has a range of 1-3 cm, getting you a close-up view of those small, precious details. No matter which lens you are using, the phone holder and mini tripod offer the stability you need to capture the perfect picture. Each of the four lenses come with a cover to protect the surface of the lens from dust, grime, and scratching. You can easily throw the entire kit in your purse or backpack for high-quality images anywhere you go. The cleaning cloth helps you keep the lens crystal clear so you can take your new favorite picture anytime.

Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna to Watch Local Channels

The Akinger HDTV Antenna grants you access to the best local channels in 1080p, without the excessive cost of cable television. Watch your favorite weekly series, the nightly news, and even your favorite sports teams in high-quality HDTV. Watch local broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, Univision, and PBS in real time, without expensive cable or waiting for online streaming. The high-performance reception has a 50-mile long range, bringing you the high definition over-the-air channels you really want to watch. This ultra-thin and lightweight indoor antenna won't clutter your home like the inconvenient bunny ears of years past. Instead, you can hide it on the back of the TV, on a wall, or up on a window for the best possible reception. Using simple, high-quality cables, the installation of this antenna can be done quickly and easily by anyone - no need to wait for the cable guy or call tech support anymore. After placing the antenna on your chosen surface, secure the antenna using the included stickers. Next, plug the high-quality coaxial cable directly into your TV, and plug the USB into the wall power block. Tune in to a local station, and adjust the dipole side to side until you receive a crystal clear signal. The coaxial cable makes it easy for you to adjust the antenna and find the optimal signal for picture clarity. Interference between the antenna and the transmission tower may cause interruptions in the signal, so placing the antenna high up on a wall or window is recommended. In order to reduce interference, we recommend that you place antenna away from large power consumption units such as air conditioners, hair dryers, microwaves, and elevators. Don’t miss out on next Sunday’s game or your favorite Thursday night series because of overpriced cable bills - this HDTV antenna allows you to watch over-the-air channels and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket.