Sunrise Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Sunrise Radio Alarm Clock

Coisound Tech presents this multifunctional Sunrise Radio Alarm Clock. It has all the standard features you’d expect from a radio alarm clock: It has a digital FM radio with volume control, a digital clock with an adjustable contrast and 12-hour or 24-hour display options, and an alarm setting. When the alarm sounds, it can be shut off easily by pressing any button except for the snooze button. If the snooze button is pressed, the alarm will sound again after five minutes. In addition to these standard features, this innovative alarm clock also has a sunrise simulation light. If activated, the light will gradually increase from 10% brightness to 100% brightness, beginning 30 minutes before your set alarm time. More gentle than the sudden jolt of a traditional alarm, this wake up light will allow you to wake up naturally and gradually, helping you to start your day off right. The light on this alarm clock can also be used as a reading light, a night light, or a mood light. Use the controls to cycle between seven different colors, picking whichever color fits the desired mood. The light can be set to warm white, green, red, blue, purple, orange, or indigo. You can also use the controls to adjust the brightness of the light, with 10 different brightness settings. This alarm clock also features a variety of alarm sounds. Choose between pleasant, natural sounds like birds, ocean waves, and forest noises. Alternatively, you can choose a pure music sound, a violin sound, or a traditional beeping sound. Finally, there is also an FM radio setting for the alarm sound, allowing you to wake up listening to your favorite radio station. With a total of seven alarm sound settings to choose from, you’ll never get sick of hearing the same sound every morning. This Sunrise Radio Alarm Clock can be powered with batteries or with a USB power source. A USB cable and wall adapter are included. This product is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy.

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Coisound Tech presents a Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone that has everything you need to sing karaoke. This innovative karaoke microphone has a built-in Bluetooth speaker system that connects to your smartphone. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, or any other device with Bluetooth capabilities, this wireless karaoke system syncs easily with your phone. This allows you to use the microphone with your favorite karaoke apps, or sing along with karaoke videos on YouTube. If you don’t want to use a Bluetooth connection, you can also connect your phone or device using an auxiliary cable (included). The built-in speaker system consists of two powerful 10-watt speakers with crystal-clear sound. These speakers are louder than those on many other handheld karaoke systems, and they are capable of amplifying the karaoke music and your vocals at the same time. Alternatively, you could use these speakers to amplify only your voice, or only your music. In addition to this built-in Bluetooth speaker system, our karaoke microphone also features a rechargeable battery, allowing for a 100% wireless karaoke experience. When charged, this powerful lithium ion battery provides up to five hours of nonstop use. That gives you plenty of time to sing multiple albums or host a karaoke party with friends and family. To charge the battery, simply plug the microphone into a USB power source using the USB port at the bottom of the microphone. We’ve included a USB charger cable that can be plugged into a wall adapter, computer, etc. This handheld karaoke microphone is extremely easy to use, with only six controls. There is a volume control, an echo control that adds an echo effect to your vocals, a power button, a play/pause button, a next song button, and a previous song button. This product comes in a compact storage case, and the microphone is available with a black finish or a rose gold finish. In addition, this product is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy.