Space Simulator

Gather your Crew

Prepare to have an expereince like none other. Climb aboard the bridge of your own space ship, go on daring adventures of espionage, space battles, diplomacy, rescue, research, and much more. YOU dictate how the story plays out by the choices you make. Come and experience one of our unique missions that will immerse you in a world, millions of miles from home.

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Get Started

1) To get started, you'll need to join our Discord Server.

2) Next, you'll need to download the app for your specific Operating System:




3) Once you've registered for a simulator, your Flight Director will provide more details.


Missing Ambassador

The ambassador's ship has gone missing. You must escort 2 battle cruisers to the last known location to investigate.

Rogue AI

Your onboard computer has gone rogue. Your crew must deal with the external pressures of flying a spaceship, as well as the internal pressures of the rogue AI.


Coming Soon


Project Eclipse strives to provide an unparalleled emmersive space simulator experience. We are beta testing our concept in the hopes to launch a physical location soon. The initial project will be comprised of remote flights users can join from home the comfort of their own home. We look forward to flying with you!