Justin's favorite poetry selected from Laura's favorite works.

Not all text is directly quoted but rather paraphrased.


"Until you go through this process of facing death, or the probability of it - no one can ever know there is something that takes its place. It goes beyond hope."


"Contemporary man has not been trained to use power well."

"We are beneficiaries of the technology that has come before [and ultimately the world left behind.] "

"[Seek after the] less harmful alternatives or find a short-term solution."


"Men need things written down, notarized, and signed."

"Shouldn't we forgive others what we ourselves have done, or might do?"


"With the people so pure, who could trick them? What clever ideas could lead them astray? "

"The people bow to the sage, and the sage to the people."


  • Step outside of yourself.
  • Contemplate the world around you.
  • Seek for learning, educate yourself.
  • Leave behind a better world than you were.
  • Take a personal initiative to make a change.
  • Be understanding, accepting, and loving.
  • Give the benefit of the doubt.
  • Humble yourself, especially if in a position of power.