Hello World!

Well hello! Welcome to Minecraft Build It. This website will give you links, tutorials, and lots of cool Minecraft ideas that you can share with friends. And if you do not want to watch links we can give you step by step procedures. In those procedures we will not make it boring and tell you what to do. We will have photos on how it should be and look like. If the step by step procedures are too confusing, you can always go back and redo or watch the video. We hope you enjoy using Minecraft Build It and have great success teaching your friends how to build these things. Now without further adieu, let's get to work and start building!

Beginner Builds

Minecraft Nether Portal

Youtube Tutorial: How to build a Nether Portal!

  1. So the space you need for this is only 4x6x1.
  2. Not too bad right? Well enough of the chit chat. Let's get started.
  3. First, you need 16 obsidian and a flint and steel.
  4. Start out by placing 4 obsidian in a line.
  5. Then, place 4 blocks on the ends vertically.
  6. Next, fill the end with the 2 remaining obsidian on the top horizontally and boom!
  7. Finally, go to one of the blocks inside the portal and right click (pc) or lt (xbox). Then your portal will light up the go through and have fun in the nether!
Nether portal

End Portal

Youtube Tutorial: How to Build an End Portal!

  1. Make a 3x3x1 hole in the ground.
  2. Then make a 4x4x1 square around the hole out of end blocks.
  3. Destroy the corners of the 4x4x1 square.
  4. Fill in the holes of the blocks with eye of enders.
  5. If it doesn't work, then destroy one block and replace the eye of ender until it lights up with darkness. Then have fun destroying the Ender Dragon!
End portal

Sliding Door

Youtube Tutorial: How to build a sliding door system with a lock!

  1. Well if you already know how to build a sliding door, then build it and follow these upcoming steps
  2. Dig a 5x7x2 hole in the ground inside your house/where ever you want to place it, connecting the door to the hole.
  3. Place a 5x2 chain of redstone (dust) under the door leading out-ward. (see video for more details)
  4. Place 2 repeators on each side facing the redstone torch. And add any movable block at the end of the repeators. (block is your choice) (see video for more details)
  5. Add sticky pistons facing the block. Link them together with redstone (dust). Destroy one block where you want the lever to go. Place dust and a block above it and place the lever (see video for more details)
  6. Fill top with any block and test. Well, thanks for building! (see video for more details)
Sliding doors with a lock

Thanks again for building and enjoying this website please share with your friends and maybe visit again some time! Hopefully more updates will come soon!