Justin and Camie


The Proposal

Justin Hammond

For the longest time we have talked about going on adventures with each other. The notion that adventure is out there was exciting to us. We wanted to explore the world, experience what life had to offer, and get lost in the magical moments that only two people in love could experience. I took this to heart when I planned the proposal. We called all of our dates adventures. We often joked about how we would be like the couple off of the Disney movie UP. With that in mind I decided to pull the proposal, Disney style!

I decided to blindfold Camie before we arrived at our location so she couldn't see what was to come. I walked her through the back halls of Provo Town Center up the stairs and left her there with instructions to take off the blindfold in two minutes. I ran down the stairs and passed through the maze of balloons with pictures attached to them of our past adventures as I entered Rockwell Ice Cream in Provo (the owner let us in after it closed so we could pull this off.) She then had a story of how we met read to her as she discovered all the pictures and balloons on her way down to me. When she finally arrived at the ice cream shop, she knew what was going on. I then asked if she would adventure with me and be my wife.

Camie Hegsted

Justin told me he wanted to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day separately, so we went to dinner at Tucanos on Saturday night. Our reservation was at 8pm, we finished after 9, then went to hang out at my apartment for a while. He said the "next event" was a little later, but he wouldn't say what it was. Around 11, we leave, and I'm thinking, "Where in the world are we going at 11 o'clock at night?!" He blindfolded me in the car and I felt us drive to south Provo.

Unbeknownst to me, he drove to Provo Towne Center just north of the temple. They have the cutest little shops, which all connect via a backdoor hallway. Among them is my favorite ice cream parlor, Rockwell Ice Cream.

Justin takes me out of the car, still blindfolded, and leads me up the sidewalk, through the Rockwell shop (it closed before 11, so it was empty), through the hallway, up a flight of stairs, and then he sat me down on a bench. As soon as we sat down, I knew what was happening. He claims that he felt perfectly calm, and I still couldn't see him, but he radiated nerves. He sat with me for a minute, then stood up and said, "Alright, count to two minutes, then take off the blindfold and come downstairs." Then he left. I waited almost two minutes... then I went down. At the bottom were two of our choir friends - Jake was holding a video camera, and Nick started reading Justin's and my "adventure story," as I followed a trail of balloons, each with a picture of an adventure of ours taped to it. I was barely holding it together, it was so sweet of him. The trail led back to Rockwell. I entered, and there was Justin, standing in the middle of the parlor. He said to me, "From the day we met, I knew I wanted to be with you forever. Will you adventure with me, *cue the knee* and be my wife?"

And I said yes!

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Our Story

Once upon a time Justin set out on the greatest adventure of his life. He started by serving a mission in Washington. He there met Kim Duncan. Kim and Justin then both attended UVU when they returned.

While at UVU, Justin joined the institute non-audition choir and sung for the young single adult devotional of the church in early 2016.

Riding up to this event on the bus, he decided to sit by Kim – Kim was sitting by non-other than Camie.

From the moment Justin saw Camie, he knew he needed to ask her out… but he was too scared and never even got her number.

Fast forward a few weeks – Kim asked Justin to go to a fire pit with some friends. He bumped into Camie again and got to know her there. He then asked for her number!... but didn’t ask her out all summer.

When school started in the fall of 2016, Justin saw Camie at the institute dance and decided three times was a sign. He ran across the gym during the next slow song and asked her to dance.

At the end of the night, Justin decided he couldn’t let her slip away again. He finally asked if she would “like to go on an adventure” with him. Camie responded with “I would love to” – Justin knew he was in!

To the electric maze at UVU they went with Kim and AJ. There they learned all about each other as they got lost in the maze.

Justin decided to ask her out again and again – going on adventures like a One Republic concert at Vivint, asking her to be his girlfriend with “Master Justin”, a photo op at Thanksgiving Point, seeing the lights at Luminaria, decorating pumpkins and being with family at Halloween and Thanksgiving, the lights on Temple Square, singing in the Forgotten Carols, meeting each other’s families and having Sunday dinners, recording songs in studio with Lex, babysitting Kim’s nieces as their second adventure together, shooting guns at the range, seeing Broadway music, defusing bombs with seconds to spare, decorating Christmas trees, going to the temple, laughing at comedy shows, and playing piano – there was never a dull moment between these two.



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