Let us help you find one generation of your family tree.

It's a simple process. Provide us with some basic information and we'll do all the rest!

How it Works

  • Find One Generation provides a search of records for one family of your family tree at a time*
  • A family is defined as a mother, a father, and their children
  • You provide Find One Generation with information about the family you are looking to find
  • You also provide the two known generations born after the family you are looking to find
  • As soon as the definition is clear, we search through available records to find as much information on your people as possible, up to 10 hours per block of time purchased
  • The research is documented in a log of all the records that were searched
  • You will receive the research log, and if you choose, a copy of or link showing all the records and any available information
  • Note that Find One Generation cannot guarantee that families will be found in one block of time or even at all. Not all families can be found in the available records; however, you will receive the documentation of all sources that were searched to find the family in question. That information may help in future research to narrow down possible locations to search

  • *Find One Generation searches for *deceased* individuals only and will not search for individuals who are living.

Questions? Contact us: user@example.com.

What You Receive

  • Anyone who wants to know more about their family, but who have limited time to find their people
  • Anyone who does not know how to find their people
  • Anyone who may be “stuck” on a line
  • Anyone who could use assistance in finding their people
  • Note that Find One Generation does not deliberately research individuals who are still alive

Questions? Contact us: user@example.com.

Who Should Use This Service

  • The definition of what Find One Generation is researching
  • The research log outlining all the sources searched and a summary of any information found
  • A concise list of the next steps, if there are any
  • Optional: for an additional fee, Find One Generation can provide EITHER a hard copy of the records by land (mail) OR an electronic copy of the records by electronic means

Questions? Contact us: user@example.com.